DIY rope divider wall

Room Divider DIY: The Brick House’s Rope Wall | Apartment Therapy.

The construction process is pretty simple. Wood boxes were custom built with evenly spaced rope sized holes drilled through the top and bottom. Precut sections of rope were strung through the top and tied off at the bottom, allowing for the interior knot to hold the rope in place and taut. Just screw close the open side of the box and all those ugly knots are hidden away.

With this design the overall costs are kept pretty low for such a big impact. Rope is cheap, especially when bought in bulk, and wood boxes are very low cost to build. The true cost is going to be labor and time – it’s just a tedious and super repetitive process.

via The Brick House.

Option 2.

via Organic Rope Walls « ModHomeEc.

I’m thinking this idea could work well for a natural backdrop (similar to the “Milk and Honey” post) for the wedding table.  Maybe staple some fabric panels to the back or use fabric instead of rope.  If I get to do this for my wedding in September, I’ll let you know.


2 thoughts on “DIY rope divider wall

  1. So, Morgan, from The Brick House sent me a photo of the rope looped over the dowel rod. The guys who work for my landlord and I figured out how to really design and hang these fabulous rope walls. I would give all the credit to Zeus and Paco Quintana. They engineered the box and tied the knots. I looked on and bossed them around. 😉


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