Metsa- add some style to your life

Stumbled onto this website and really love the photos.  It’s interesting that a clothing line fills its’ ‘Lookbook’ with B&W photos of it’s products.  Color can be such a deciding factor when selecting clothes, but what I find genius is that their photos don’t even need color to convince me.  The products look well crafted and the fact that they have the guts just shows me they can back it up.  Hope to be near a store soon!


Below: uh, hello “CEMENT PEARLS”!!!  I have a pair of silver earrings that my love refers to as my ‘tinfoil earrings’.  He says they look like little pieces of foil balled up and turned into ear decoration.  Maybe he’ll like these better……

Photographer – Adam Levett // Stylist – Sarah Kosoloff // Model – Paul Watling & NIna Lassam

via Metsa.



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